About De’Andre Salter

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The Short Story

De'Andre Salter (MTh, CFEI) has a relentless passion to help people grow in their faith, nurture their families, and become financially independent. Having taken a unique pathway into ministry as Senior Vice President of three Fortune 100 companies, then as an esteemed entrepreneur and financial educator. De’Andre has a growth anointing, proven by his creation of the billion dollar Forefront product line for Chubb Insurance Company, founding and growing Professional Risk Solutions to $70,000,000 in sales, or growing his church membership from 150 to 700 in three years. Now, his role as pastor of Impact Church he aims to help people reach their life goals and please God by teaching them how to apply Biblical principles to their personal and professional lives.


The Rest of the Story

Born and raised in the inner-city of Newark, New Jersey, De’Andre learned how to work hard and trust God from his parents. A highly motivated person, he is the only three graduate in Drew University history. Upon graduation, De’Andre joined the insurance industry as an underwriter and quickly found professional success, but realized he was failing in the areas of of life, especially his faith.

Living beyond his means led to a personal bankruptcy filing at the age of 21. This forced De’Andre to evaluate his life and realize his financial bankruptcy was a picture of his spiritual bankruptcy. He committed to stop living to impress others with his public image and began to follow the path that God had planned and his parents taught him. God’s plan was for him to reach out to professionals and their families, helping them gain more than professional success and find HIS plan for their lives.

De’Andre has a relentless passion to help others grow their faith, nurture their families, serve their communities and live financially free by creating multiple streams of income. He also teaches Christians everywhere that God desires for them to leave both a spiritual and financial legacy for their children.

De’Andre has been happily married to his childhood sweetheart, Terri, for over twenty-three years and together they have four children. He holds a Master of Theology from The Kings University and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. He also serves on the Board of Trustees at his undergraduate alma mater, Drew University.

De’Andre regularly speaks at conferences, colleges, churches, nonprofits and corporate events alike, and they all have benefited from his practical, biblically sound and relatable style of teaching about faith, financial education, relationships, leadership, diversity and legacy.