Deandre Salter International produces a variety of resources designed to empower people to achieve their goals. These free downloads are biblically centered and designed to help you pivot toward success.

Marraige Ebook 3

Marriage Secrets from 6 Bible Couples

Would you like to know the secrets to having a great marriage or to repairing a broken marriage? Here are 6 married couples from the Bible, sometimes demonstrating this commitment. But also, true to life, sometimes falling short. There is something you can learn from each of these to improve your marriage.

Downsize Ebook 3

6 Ways to Downsize and Thrive

Increasing debt often leads to stress, family arguments, and worse—but it doesn’t have to. Here is a resource outlining realistic options that will help you recover. Following these six steps will put you on a path to enjoy success and financial health for the rest of your life.
Parenting Ebook 3

Causes and Solutions for Parenthood Guilt

Parenting is the job with the highest of highs and lowest of lows, and it can lead to a tremendous amount of regret and guilt. The common causes of guilt are explained, and clear steps are provided for pivoting away from this guilt by following six very practical Scriptural points.
Job Interview Ebook 3

10 Hacks to Nail a Job Interview

Are you feeling nervous about an upcoming job interview? Here are 10 tips that will help you succeed in any interview. These practical steps will give you confidence and increase your potential.
Biblical Traits Ebook 3

6 Biblical Traits of Success

Would you like to be successful? Would you like to fully experience God’s blessing on your life? Here are six biblical traits of true success you can adopt so that you can confidently feel successful.