Who is De’Andre Salter

De’Andre Salter is a venture capitalist, author, and teacher who helps people and organizations pivot in the midst of challenges so they can achieve purpose and success.

At just 21 years old, De’Andre found himself bankrupt and struggling to make ends meet. He had been living beyond his means—trying to impress others with a lifestyle he couldn’t afford—and reality caught up with him in a painful way. But by the mercy and grace of God he learned how to turn his situation around. In 12 short years, by the age of 33, he became a successful leader and millionaire!

Today, as America’s Number One Christian Success Strategist, De’Andre wants to inspire and equip people, just like you, to transform obstacles into opportunities.

Deandre Salter
De’Andre is the visionary behind The Big Giveaway—a monthly outreach program that annually gives away over $1,000,000 in goods to families in need. The Big Giveaway is the largest and most effective outreach of its kind in New Jersey.

De’Andre is the Senior Pastor at Impact Church Worldwide. He is consecrated in the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops and Macedonia International Bible Fellowship, where he oversees the administration of churches around the globe.

De’Andre sits on many corporate and nonprofit boards and holds degrees from Drew University, The King’s Seminary, and graduate certificates from Oxford and Harvard. He is happily married to Terri Jones Salter, and they have four children together.